Equipment has always been a key challenge in my various care-connected jobs. So many people cannot find or afford solutions that would make a huge difference to their lives, and there is also lots of equipment hanging around that is no longer needed by the individual it was originally provided for.

Let’s transform the industry into one that is more circular!

To start – please access the Equipment Forum – post a request for items you need, or have and do not need.


Please bear with us with any teething problems – as this is a new project. You are welcome to send feedback and suggestions to or by post them directly to the forum

Enter at your own risk. Ords and Ends cannot take responsibility or accept liability for any item or transaction as a result of this forum.

Please ensure you describe every item you have available in detail, especially in terms of any damage, to avoid difficulties and disappointments.

Please ensure all items are fully cleaned and decontaminated prior to transfer