The professional care-worker will undertake weeks of classroom lessons followed by onsite training and mentoring in order to discover how to care, and yet many people caring for loved ones will often be expected to just work it all out as they go along. This can endanger the safety, comfort, and confidence of both the loved one and the carer—and makes many already challenging daily tasks unnecessarily hard.

Whilst we are not recommending that any complex care delivery is given without full training, and urge you to speak with your surgery or Occupational Therapist if there is anything you are struggling with, some of the following knacks and tips might help make the caring day that little bit easier.


Now Booking: Bespoke Virtual Reality Wellbeing Experiences: If you and/or a loved one have restricted mobility and miss a favourite place in and around West Wales, I can create a Virtual Reality experience that only you can access, to be enjoyed at home.

Wild and Wellbeing Walks

Walks and Experiences created in collaboration with others specifically focus on supporting people to reconnect with the stunning Wild West Walean Landscape …

VR Walks and Meditations

Stunning wild-ways and spots of West Wales are filmed in 180 or 360 degree—places not accessible through traditional route maps—to create beautiful restorative experiences…

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