Dinner with Dignity

This quite epic Gransnet section answering the question, ‘is it common to spill food down your front’ illustrates a range of potential food-spilling scenarios. Tea towels mentioned as make-do bibs can be sufficient for the odd spill, but then many people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities find such significant difficulty eating, swallowing and managing … More

A Showering Solution

I remember being blown away when I first came across this device at The Care Show in 2019. I already knew its manufacturer, Arjo, having come across a huge range of their moving and handling products, including the Sara Stedy which was one of my favourite devices to work with in the Community. The beauty … More

Preparing to Venture Out

Throughout the lockdown I have been thinking about the elderly people who will be experiencing a deterioration of mobility as a result of their lives being denied pre-Covid levels of activity for so long. As we will soon (hopefully) begin to venture out again, how many people will find themselves unable to do the things … More

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