Getting a Grip

I met The Active Hands Company at the OT Show in 2019 and have since followed their amazing innovations. At the time I was looking for recommendations to give to an Artist who was struggling to paint due to a condition that affected her ability to grip.

I’m sure I’ll be zoning in on lots more of their products, as there are so many worth featuring individually, but for now, here is a video showing the versatility of their ‘General Purpose Gripping Aid’ which ‘unlocks’ many activities for people with reduced hand function―from using cooking utensils and doing DIY, to playing sports such as kayaking or rowing; even holding a glass or bottle independently.

General Purpose Gripping Aid

There is also a design created to handle smaller items, such as pens and pencils, make-up, razors, even drumsticks―and of course paintbrushes!

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